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I’m Yanise Monét, an eclectic, color popping interior designer from Atlanta, Georgia. Recently I’ve relocated to New York City, but this only means I’m able to bring my BIG personality and southern charm to the BIG apple!!!


I started in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist, owning a salon in downtown Atlanta for over 12 years. Located in the historical business district of Sweet Auburn on Auburn Ave. I’ve always had a passion and a knack for design and making things beautiful therefore being an interior designer happened very organically for me. During my time on Auburn, I continuously designed and redesigned my salon as well as a clothing boutique I acquired on the same block. Other business owners would inquire on who did the designs for those establishments and began to request my design services for their businesses as well. Although I have not been formally taught as interior designer, I’ve sought out the knowledge needed to complete my craft and offer my clients top tier services.


As a commercial interior designer my goals for clients are helping the other business owners maximize the use of their space, provide a cohesive brand identity that would make their businesses stand out. As well as ensure stimulating visuals worthy of social media images for patrons to post, and in turn gather establishments free promotion and publicity. Several of the establishments I’ve designed for in Atlanta include Escobar Lounge & Tapas owned by Two Chains, and Swag Shop Barber shops which have several locations including inside Phillips Arena. Owned by Micheal Render (Killer Mike) and his wife Shana Render.

When it comes to residential clients I also provide high impact visuals for their spaces. Through our conversations, walk throughs, or the energy felt of the client I’m able to incorporate functional, fashionable, budget friendly designs for there desired needs for any space. I’m a firm believer that good design doesn’t have to be expensive to exude luxury. In every design I try to Incorporate vintage pieces as well as up-cycled and or re-purposed items. I’m also a stickler for wall treatments and implement them in every one of my designs. Some would say wall treatments is part my design trademark.


My desire is to highlight small business and help make a positive impact on their establishments through interior design with the knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years of also being a small business owner and now, an interior designer. Due to the effects that covid-19 has impacted businesses I believe this is needed more than ever! I love to assist small businesses and turn them around inside and out! I began my career in the beauty bussiness and I’m STILL in the business of beauty. Now, instead of my making people beautiful one person at a time with touching their crowns, I’m able to bring beauty to multiple people at once by touching their hearts!

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