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Office Supplies: Are They an Asset or an Expense?

ContentOffice SuppliesWhat is the purpose of adjusting entry at the end of accounting period?Why You Can Trust Finance StrategistsSupplies expense as an expense accountAccurate Record Keeping But things can be confusing when you’re trying to classify regular office expenses properly. For example, let’s say Sara buys...

How the Law May Create Poverty: The Rent Prepayment Custom in Modern North China and Its Social Consequences by Weilin Xiao :: SSRN

ContentHow Are Prepaid Expenses Recorded?Arizona Security Deposits and Prepaid RentOverview of Prepaid Rent AccountingAccounting for accrued rent with journal entriesHow the Law May Create Poverty: The Rent Prepayment Custom in Modern North China and Its Social ConsequencesAn example of accounting for variable/contingent rent Thus, prepaid expenses...

What Is an Indirect Cost? Definitions, Calculations, & More

ContentDetermine the cost of materials and equipmentConsider the issue of "time theft"Is there a way to reduce the total costs?What are the different types of indirect labor costs?Definition: What are Indirect Costs?AccountingTools By comparing the data from different months and for different projects or employees, it...

How to fill out a receipt book

ContentWhen should I issue rent receipts?International invoicesPrint ServicesWell, we’ve got a fabulous offer for online Bookkeeping courses at the moment – check it out HERE:Invoice Receipt Book With Carbon Sheets Before any documents are issued, check that you comply with the rules and regulations of your country or...

How to Read a Profit and Loss Statement

ContentCommon Mistakes Made When Reading a Profit and Loss StatementWho is responsible for generating profit and loss statements?What Is an Income Statement?Learning from a P&LWhether You’re Managing Costs EfficientlyTransaction Trends Every Business Owner Needs to KnowReading a Profit & Loss statement.Balance Sheet I won’t go into...

LendingClub Reviews: 1,773 User Ratings

The average https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ loan amount is $15,800, with a 15.95% APR and a 5% origin fee. The average personal loan borrower makes $112,000 a year with a credit score of 711. LendingClub says that while its average customer may be a high earner, they also...